Monday, August 20, 2007


Welcome to my after party.
Hope that you feelin' naughty.
Sexy how you move that body.
(Got me like).
Whoa oh whoa oh whoa.

Welcome to the after party.
Hope that you feelin' naughty.
I'm leavin' here with somebody
(So we can do it like)
Whoa oh whoa oh whoaaaa.....

After Party - Young Rome

Man, everyones birthday's in august man. count off the b'days.

Shaun 8/8
WeiJung 15/8
Sovanta 17/8
YueFeng 23/8
WenXian 24/8
WeiSze 30/8

loads more, like ms marano's 7 year old kid =D
and maybe that random guy down the street.

even the friendster b'day msgs keep popping up in my email.
If its your birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY
If it hasnt arrived. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY WISH.
Dont say i didnt wish you =).

Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Erin

No "teen" liao.

20? 20! 20.. 20~ 20><


Happy 20th =D

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sincerely, Thanks.

This Blog is dedicated to the people who have played a part in my life.
I have no idea why, but i feel like doing it =D.
I remember all these people from heart.

Top Most.

Erin Chew
Shaun Chew
Wilson Chew
Goh Yuen Zhuang
Goh Yuen Zheng
Wong Sue Ann
Wong Jien Tzen
Alvin Foo
Alexander Teh
Yeng Yi Tang
Henry Ang
Syazwan Basri
Tan Horng Chuen
Jia Rong
Coach Levin
Poo Chooi Ying
Yoong May May
Jonathan Wong
Darrel Kamish
Chan Ke Vin
Nicole Soo
Adrienne Hwang
Mok Karl Shern
Nicole Teow
Mr Yow Hoong Kong
Mr Zac
Miss Hoo
Miss Anjali
Mr Chew Boon Tai (Not Mah dad)
Miss Foo
Desmond Ong
Keith Foong
Wong Sing Kiat
Caleb Kwong
William Lee
Jackson Lee
Chee Siang
Kendrick Ho
Jun Kit
Goh Tze Chiang
Tai Yang
Kang Sheng
Jin Khai
Fu Khye Ren
Jian Chung
Min Yong
Zetty Erisa
Matthew Wong
Quah Ying2
Ryan Lim
Yi San
Li Shan
Yeoh Wen Liang
Nicholas Duar
Teh Qing Yang
Amir & Aiman
Roshan Kanesan (6 fingers)
Mr Vincent
Jian Wai
Wei Jun
Yi Yang
Ian Tan
Adrian Tan Lee Jun
Boon Sim
Jason (swimmer brothers)
Boon Eng
Boon Seng
Genna Gan
Wan Ru
Gavin Gan
Gary Gan
Lai Sze yi
Lee Boon Keong
Mr Koh (instructor orchestra)
Ying, Ling & Jing (i think)(orchestra)
Casper & that other dude (orchestra)
Shum (for his irritatingness)
Najwa Amira
Matthew Pang
Adrian Lim Yih Yau
Teh Sze Wen
Livia Tee
Yap Vi Yi
Jean Ni (KDU)
Daniel Han
Sze Liang
Chun Keat
Yan Mae
Shu Wei
Yuvern (dota)
Marcus Ho
Mark Wong
Joshua (chinese drummer)
Joshua Tan
Amelia Lak
Koh Tuan Ken
Koh Qian Heng
Jun Jie
Jacob Ooi (liked him better)
Isaac Ooi (than him)
Low Yao Hwui
Tan Peak Sheng
Clarissa-Jan Lim
Jun Ian
Jeffery Siow
Li Quin
Horng Shian
Han Yi
Low Jia Yun
Shi Jing (scholarship singapore guy who moonwalked on primary 6 dance)
Ellen Chua
Farm Zheng Lin
Lim Han Chuen
Zhang Zhi Kang (deceased)
Zhen Lun
Zhen Huang
Zhen Hong
Darren Low
Yee Ling (i think, glass-of-milk-girl)
Khor Cheah Seng
Kah Ying
Ellen (Bu3)
Nurul Azmillia (sang with my accompaniment)

Hong Yue Feng
Gilby Jepson
Dean Kaptsis
Kevin Miao
Jason Ng
Yuey Kwok
Thad Remano
Lunga Manuka (i made up his surname)
Melanie Rotolo
Phillip Peng
Chris Morias
Hong Wen Xian
Hong Wen Yi
Elysia Ang
David Wright
Chris (soccer)
Justin Seow
Jin Suk
Jin Sook
Tony Liu
Tony Weng
Martin ratanatray
Thong Ho
George Ee
Ben Fuss
Matthew Mackenzie
James Finlay
Michael Milios
Simon Foo

Thanks For Everything =D.

Many Others I Would Like to Thank. I just can't remember at 12 midnight.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Bad Week, Badness~

Song Today : Aeroplane - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Man, what a SHITTY WEEK. i mean shittily shitty. bad enough it was exams.. i think i got cursed this week too. sigh~*. lets say the week starts on tuesday, cuz thats when all exams began. and the shit stuff too

english exam, couldnt concentrate. this rap song was in my head. if you read my essay it would rhyme every sentence. pray be to god miss mcfarlen has a sense of humour.

woke up at like 10am to practice my bass solo. friggin bass solos, hadda do two. wasnt actually prepared.. in the rush, i stained my bass~ twice. $^&*$%~!. i stuffed up the exam at 1:30 anyway. so i wasted my time practicing. Stayed up till 2:30am to do chem the next day too. >< sigh~*

chem exam. we all stuffed up. i woke at 8:30 to come to school just to ask miss J loadsa chem questions. which DIDNT come out anyway. and had NOTHING related to THE EXAM. and again #$%^&*(!!!. oh, and anton spilt chocolate milk on my soccer boots. the bum.

i didnt really bother studying for the physics exam. i wasted my time really going for chem and music. 2 subs i really like. and i hate physics.. THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS MUCH. so go figure. and i really actually was into my exam. most of it made sense to me anyway, dont know if it made sense to mr thurlow. probably not. my soccer boots were still brown and sticky. note, i could not wash them because i had a match tmr. not cause i didnt want to.

had to go to st. Johns Grammar for soccer. which was at some kampung-in-the-hill like place in BELAIR. 45 minits to get there. was late 10 minits or so. only lucky thing this week was coach forgiving me being late. SHITTY thing is that we lost 6 - 0. holding on for round 30 minits. then they scored. 1 and 30 seconds later, another. 2. 30 seconds BEFORE half time, they scored again. 3. i dont wanna elaborate the rest. sam-tong. and i forgot my keys to my house, so i hadda wait in the garden till mum got back. how shit. drank tap water (too thirsty) and pissed on the trees..

had work. boss didnt seem too happy.. and this poor girl kept slipping and falling at my station (the sinks) which happened to be very wet. i think it was because of my badluck. i hadda work outside as well today, trainee in training. sounds cool? not. customers are so annoying sometimes. "i'd like that drink, nono, that one, no, THAT one, the orange colour. not that orange colour! yesyesYES that one!" OMFG. gimme the NAME DAMMIT. and i cant explain how i burnt myself, it'll take too long.

and it all friggin ended THERE.
guess i passed on the badluck to that poor girl at work. she seemed to slip right before she left the premises. again. hope this week gets better.

Me da usted la esperanza? muchacha de sueƱo?

Music is my aeroplane~~ it's my aeroplane~

Monday, June 11, 2007

YO! YO! ListenUpYO!!!

Zhuang's going big for some DJ competition! gotta help him win this shit.
My best-buddy-since-we-were-small-kids is going all out for this DJ thing. All of you help this guy right? =)

Starllite - Yeyo
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Like the song? Think its good material? Help vote for this guy YO! xD

At this site.

Vote and i'll give you 20cents =D
No, I'm Serious.

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