Saturday, May 12, 2007

HOLY SHIT. ain't this gay. i'm bloggin. outta boredom. i need coffee. we got this shitty maths thing that took me an hour a question. how retarded is that?! even MR chew aint that retarded to give us such questions. ANYWAY. i've started a blog. for all you retards to experience how hilarious my life is at the moment. how i feel bout my brother sharing a room with me. how he farts when he sleeps and how he snores like kingkong x3. i guess this was all ur fault. yes you. nah i'm just joking.

there should be more retards in school. i just realised there's like one or two. (seriously retards). i mean retards like, ppl being themselves, having fun. not caring what ppl think. that's how people should be, being your retarded self. well maybe you are being yourself, just not retarded enough. See how darrel and matt pang retardified genna gan. she's spraying coke on herslef and pouring flour on other people. that's how retarded we should get. laying out the kickboards in a line on the pool and trying to reach the other side stepping on them without going into the water. =) that's fun for retards that one.

First blog on the roll. I feel gay..
*sigh* Retards. Ain't we all?

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