Sunday, May 13, 2007


MAN! i miss the retardedness of Aristotle. There was always karlshern for cripples and darrel for retarded shit. And just taiyang, freaking catchy laugh. He laughs, you laugh. memories man. i remember him telling me bout this song on MTV that went. Dot-Slash-Dash (./-) and how we were supposed to make our own music video of OI!!!. those were the times man. ANd darrel and matt created this peanuted religion where we hadda pray every wednesday about badgers and mushrooms. And mr chew and mr yow with the coppersulphate shit. GEESUS KRIST. miss it all.

Darrel : darryl, when u were a young boy
Darrel : i recall saying to u
Darryl : recall
Darrel : as i said, i recall saying to u
Darrel :
Darrel :
Darrel :
Darrel :
Darryl : whatwhat?
Darrel : exactly
Darrel : now do u understand?
Darryl : ...
Darryl : that was insanely retarded
Darrel : the kendrick is strong within u young chew

Darrel : i don't retardify anybody!
Darrel : hahahah why what's wrong with her?!
Darryl : you retardified me as well
Darrel : no
Darrel : u're still sane, sorta.
Darrel : prove it!!!
Darryl : OK I WILL
Darryl : before she knew you
Darryl : she didnt spray coke on herslef and started pouring flour onto other people
Darrel : no that's normal
Darrel : tell her!
Darrel : everybody has the urge to spray themselves with coke at least once in a lifetime
Darrel : i did it at least 10 times.

Retardedness has become a strong part of me. Thou shall get retarded. I shall make you.

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