Sunday, May 27, 2007

Life's filling up

These few days, becoming.. malaysian like again! i feel the need to be somewhere at sometime. xD
Soccer practises. Studies. Chicks. getting better everyday. That also explains why i wont be doing this blog thing for 3 weeks cuz

1) We're screwing up in soccer. Need more training.

2) Study. Study. Study. Study. Study. Study. Study = GoodGrades = Freedom

3) I'm gonna friggin jog 5km everyday. ( impossible, tho i'll try to force it )

4) Bass solo. I need 2 this term. friggin music lesson. hating it more and more.

5) Work. Just looking for excuses.

6) Coffee's not working. stupid thing.

=) nothing much happened these few days other than my team getting screwed in soccer.

(H) Marryatville[a] {7} - (A) Norwood Morialta {1}
(H) Norwood Morialta {2} - (A) Marryatville[b] {2}
(H) Norwood Morialta {1} - (A) Trinity Colledge {3}

we're getting owned bad. =/. no drinking on the day before the match. =) sry coach. xD. dont tell mum okay? tettet?

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