Monday, May 14, 2007

Of Coffee and buses.

HO MY GAWD!! HO MY GAWD!! best coffee ever, this thing just makes you high. I'm still high at 11 pm. Typing all sorts of random shit to ppl on msn. 2 aussie for this small piece of addictive crap. thats RM6 = x3 nasi lemaks. saddening.

"ADELAIDE METRO BUS : maximum wait of 30 minutes" MY ASS. Bus route 178. supposed to arrive at 4.45pm. i was there at 4.35 all the way to 5. 15pm waiting for some shitass bus that was supposed appear twice. I saw the same numbered bus like 4 times then. I got hell fedup of waiting and went back to the other side of the city to grab the 125 or any friggin 12X that lead the school. ( 125 leads home) AND WHEN I CROSSED THE FRIGGIN ROAD. the 178 appeared outta thin air. how shit is that. @#$%^&*(*&. that day alone. took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to friggin get home. GEEESUS.

When you come to adelaide. Allow me to drive you around.
Retarded buses.

Yes, I can drive. =)

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